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BakPak is a company looking to change the way that students learn. While current models are ineffective, Bakpak looks to change everything by incentivising students to learn by using wb3 infrastructure. The Bakpak team ( “a tight-knit crew of builders and educators from Google, Stanford, Harvard School of Education, Twitch to name a few and backed by Solana Ventures, YCombinator, Forerunner Ventures, Pear VC and more”) came to us looking for an animated video to launch their new product.


The idea was to create a 30 sec video that emphasized their main message - the current way to learn is old, let’s change it up and bring it to the future. The team gave us some brand assets and asked to include their brand mascot the raccoon, Ringo. They wanted a bit-coin/ meme feel to the video, something that was appeal to their intended audience. With this, I created a 30 sec launch video that takes Ringo from a vintage style video console into the future. By using a video game feel, the gamification aspect of BakPak is further emphasized. The video starts with the old then transitions through time to show us the product and finally landing us in Ringo’s new world.


The team launched the video on their social and discord. I was excited to work on such a unique and fun project!

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