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In this imaginative endeavor, I crafted an entire brand universe for "Kidventure," a fun subscription box service made for kids. Designed to showcase my branding capabilities, I brought the client's vision to life by creating a playful text logo accompanied by a simple yet bold mascot—a space-helmeted girl, doubling as a versatile logo mark. The heart of the project lay in the packaging, where I illustrated a world of activities within each box, igniting the imagination. I further ensured clarity and engagement with an instructional brochure and extended the brand's presence to the digital realm through web and social media designs. To add a tangible dimension, I transformed the mascot into a 3D character. While Kidventure may be fictional, this project demonstrates my ability to create a cohesive and enchanting brand universe, where fun and learning harmoniously collide, making the journey as enchanting as the destination itself.

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