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In this project, I embarked on a journey to the Swiss Alps to craft a captivating brand identity for "yummylk," an imaginary dairy venture nurtured by a dedicated farmer and his eco-conscious wife. While conceived as a demonstration of my branding expertise, I approached the task with enthusiasm. The client's vision celebrated tradition and eco-friendliness, delivering fresh, natural products exclusively to their local community. I translated this vision into a bright and inviting branding package featuring illustrated Swiss Alps, mirroring the picturesque surroundings. Playful custom illustrations, including a friendly cow character and postage stamp motifs, adorned the packaging design, ensuring a consistent and endearing presence. The logo I designed, both bold and softly milky, encapsulated the essence of "yummylk" with character. Although a fictitious brand, this project exemplifies my ability to create a cohesive and charming brand identity that cherishes tradition, eco-consciousness, and the joy of sharing the taste of home with neighbors.

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